Monday, 29 July 2019

Sunset fades

Sunset fades the light
The memory in my mind
Plays - again - on repeat
It too fades with passing time

Something about the night
Ceases to seem kind
And the tangled sheet
Mirror the knotted grime

That I follow - trying for right
But twisted, playing shadows blind
Render my soul obsolete
Try and I cannot climb

Exhausting, draining fight
I float to try unwind
The world is dead beat
No longer in it's prime

Monday, 20 May 2019

You hurt me, my friend

I think I know what gnaws at my heart
My friend - I  opened up a part
Of my soul, left closed for so long
Only for you to ask if I knew it was wrong

My friend -
You -
Who claim to be a defender of women
A counsellor of those in pain
I thought you'd react different
From all those others I told

You threw the guilt and shame I carried
Right back onto my burdened -
Anxiety ridden self - that little shadow
Of a scared little girl who still lives in fear

Unrelenting passive aggressive comments
Like a weight on my mind-
I am consumed once again by sadness
Over a battle I thought I had won

Friday, 3 August 2018

Rupununi tapestry for Chris and Fi

It was woven in Rupununi tapestry -
For worlds intertwined in history
To meet again -
Savannah heart and Scottish beat
Foreign lands for adventure seek
Carefree souls - Across distance found
Kindred spirits of a love thought
Could never be

They seemed like ying and yang
When he said 'gal i watch you lang'
Who could resist each others smile
Hearts that loved pure joy

He said she ah run he down
But watch who gone Sierra Leone
Bina catch he strong -
He end up in the motherland

Rupununi enchants and Scotland calls
The common spirits - for love of land
With an artists passion
A life of adventure fashioned

Why say no, when you can just go?
From just nows to coming deh
How we navigate and rate
And dem ones who always late

Those who stand with you today
Know your journey will never end
Wandering,  exploring souls
Like winding Rupununi and Scottish trails
We drink, we dance and we laugh with you this night.


Where does one end and the world begin?
Why do we stand apart and deny our hearts?

Can you not see threads woven through time?
Colourful and strong-

Can you not see that there is no beginning and no end?
Can you not see that we are one?
A tapestry woven through time-

Can you not see the histories intertwined?
Cultures mix, language change and tools exchange.

Can you not see what fear does to us?
Hacking at our tapestry-

Distorting the woven story-

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mirror image

She never wanted to be a reflection
A mirrored, painted copy of perfection

That tiny wrinkle and freckles on her face
She reveled in their mark.

That perfect life of calm, poise and beauty
Reminded her of calm sea with underlying fury

She chose that life like the thunder storm.
She rode it out with unbridled joy

She lived in quiet moments of raindrops
And glistening rays of sunshine

She smiled at the happiness of the world
She cried with the sadness of the world

She lived in any world -
And did not deny her inner beast

For she remembered -
Under the painted perfected reflection
Lay an unbridled fury

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Water's might

Shadows dance on savannah land
As evening sun kiss
Tips of golden grass
Rupununi - my beauty
My love, of dark and light
savannah blends to jungle
Grass to swamp - to ponds
Creeks to rivers - to sea
I love you at your water's might

Friday, 13 July 2018

The beast of derision

I tie my self to history
Struggling to be free
My mind in a haze
Blurred from the smoke
The threads that tie me-
Have been set ablaze

Here I stand again
Always - an intersection
My heart becomes my chain
A pressured decision
Obscuring the inner vision
What does it mean to be free?

Colour me in as you will
Pick at the pieces that you see
Causing my soul to flee
Into the abyss of indecision
Where the beast of constant derision
Fights to pierce the things I hold dear

Sunset fades

Sunset fades the light The memory in my mind Plays - again - on repeat It too fades with passing time Something about the night Ceases...